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Research Team: Travail, Ergonomie, Orientation et Organisations (TE2O)


The TE2O research team is one of the units of the Parisian Laboratory of Social Psychology (LAPPS) and is based at the Paris Nanterre University.

The studies developed within this research team draw on conceptual and methodological approaches from different disciplinary fields: work psychology, organizational psychology, social and socio-cognitive psychology, orientation psychology, ergonomics, psychometrics, differential psychology.

It is through the alternative examination of work and orientation situations, real or simulated, concerning populations in situ or in the laboratory, through the use of quantitative and qualitative methods, that the TE2O team constitutes a research center in applied psychology in most fields relevant to lifelong orientation, work and organizations, as well as ergonomics. In addition to the analysis of the psychological processes embedded in the work and organizational setting, training and professional contexts, certain studies refer more specifically to psychometric approaches and the construction of measurement and evaluation tools. These processes are studied through:

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