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Parisian Laboratory of Social Psychology (LAPPS in French)

Created in 2009, the Parisian Laboratory of Social Psychology (LAPPS in French) is a Francilien research unit under the double tutelage of the Paris Nanterre University and the Paris 8 University.

The LAPPS aims to understand how individuals mobilize, more or less consciously, cognitive, affective and motivational resources to accomplish their activities in a normative context. The unit has a dual fundamental and applied orientation. On the one hand, a fundamental orientation oriented towards the modeling of socio-cognitive processes (stereotypes, intergroup relations, organizational justice, etc.), processes associated with behavioral change (habits, cognitive dissonance, etc.) and processes associated with transitions and professional adjustments throughout life. On the other hand, applied research contributes to individual and collective issues in the framework of strategic partnerships beyond academia (health, environment, consumption, organizations, work, etc.).

The LAPPS is divided in 3 research teams:

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Basic Cognitive Schemes Motivation Risk Environnement Personnalité BTP Discrimination Evaluation Social identity Allegiance norm Well-being Environment Attentional bias Intergroup relations Just world France Social desirability Scénario pédagogique Locus of distribution Terrorism Burnout Ergotoxicologie Attitudes Mindfulness Désirabilité sociale Measurement Compliance Relations intergroupes Active mobility Pouvoir social Alcohol Obediencia Gender Personality Assertivité Behaviour change Priming Attribution causale Social utility Orientation professionnelle Catégorisation sociale Performance COVID-19 Entretien de conseil en orientation Distributive justice Prévention Représentations professionnelles Género Conspiracy theories Equity Uncertainty Social norm Organisation Collective narcissism Conception Behavior Prevention Infections nosocomiales Assertivness Big Five Santé Psychologie sociale Affect négatif Ergotoxicology Internet Nosocomial infections Health Work Similarity Accompagnement Représentations sociales Affect positif Régulation émotionnelle Obedience Professional representations Transitions Self-esteem Psychologie Communication Injustices professionnelles Évaluation Attachement au lieu de travail Attitude Lexical analysis Identité sociale Adolescents Addiction Coping Identification Allegiance Social representations Adolescence Decision making Social categorization Attention Locus of control Cognitive dissonance Analyse lexicale Recruitment Participatory ergonomics

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Postal address:
Paris Nanterre University
LAPPS - Building Zazzo
200 Avenue de la République
92001 Nanterre Cedex, France
Website :
E-mail : lapps[at]


Director : Patrick Mollaret
Associate Director: Thierry Meyer
Director Team PS2C : Peggy Chekroun
Director Team ENOSIS : Patrick Mollaret
Director Team TE2O : Anne-Marie Vonthron

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Team PS2C : Jordane Boudesseul
Team TE2O : Marco Peña-Jimenez